Holy cow. I never knew Tweedy did that much outside Wilco. Or that much period. Curious to know how he helps his imagination churn out so much good product.

Speaking of imagination, that seems like a thread in your post. From the Priory to this:

“The more threatened he feels, the more he will advocate political violence. We saw what he did when he was losing his presidency; imagine what he’ll do when he’s losing his freedom.”

I think your audience in particular needs to imagine this. Charismatic Revival Fury has uncovered this. Your book Testimony has too.

How many more ways can it be said?: waaayyy too many evangelicals are aiding and abetting the build up of the violence that’s coming.

Those who go along to get along in Christian circles and end up supporting Trump because they assume he’s better than the left will find your two points also give their itching ears a good scratch.

Of course there are ways the USG gets politically weaponized. Of course the Biden administration is compromised in ways. Both deserve legal review and the presumption of innocence, like Trump.

But Trump is different. The media spectacle around this is bewitching. Keep keeping our eyes on the ball. “Stakes is high.”

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